About Us

Urban Pest Management is a family-owned, Phoenix, Arizona based company, dedicated to protecting homeowners, pets, and property by eliminating and managing pests. Many pests are a major nuisance. They destroy buildings and their contents can be hazardous to humans and even their pets’ health. We pride ourselves in partnering with our customers to create long term pest management programs to protect property, home and health through quality service and environmentally responsible products. As natives of Arizona we have knowledge of the local and unique pest issues that are vital to customer satisfaction. We encourage questions, the more you know and understand the better partnership we create in managing your pests and rodents needs. We also work with our customers in identifying areas of concern that will assist in managing and eliminating the nuisance and danger of pests and rodents.

Urban Pest creates a pest management program unique to your specific property needs eliminating unnecessary treatments and saving our customers money. We are happy to do free consulting to discuss your unique pest control and management needs. We will consult by phone or in person, call us to set an appointment and we will get ride of those pesky intruders.