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    As native Arizonians, we have knowledge of the local pest issues and are committed to going above and beyond what you’d expect from your ordinary exterminator.

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“We truly recommend Chad and his business for anyone looking for a good, honest, knowledgeable person to do a great job. We have had Chad come to our home to help spray for scorpions and proof our homes from not only bugs and scorpions but also snakes. He has worked on our home and area around our home for many years now and is trustful enough that when I was playing baseball, I would allow him to come into my home and spray and do what he needs to do to keep our home critter free. Chad also does work at my other rentals and worked on a terminate issue we had there and did an amazing job and my tenants love him and the work he does. Chad really knows the business, knows what to do, and really cares to make sure his customers are always happy. I recommend him, his business and really encourage you to try his business, you will be very satisfied.” More reviews

TroyAwatukee, AZ

“My husband and I recently purchased an older home in Scottsdale. During renovation a 60 lb. beehive was discovered in the wall of the master bedroom. It had not been disclosed to us. Chad composed a very professional, concise, and thorough letter describing his professional assessment of the timeline and extent of the damage for insurance purposes. He did this on his own time without mention of any compensation. We hired Chad to remove the hive and treat our home for termites. We continue to have him service our home monthly. We highly recommend Urban Pest Control. Chad is professional, trustworthy, and reliable. You can be assured of a job well done.” More reviews

Linda and Patrick
Linda and PatrickScottsdale, AZ

“Chad has protected our family and house from all the nasty critters and bugs for years now. He knows his stuff!….and he’s a nice guy too. Professional, friendly and a bugs worst nightmare!” More reviews

Steve and Kyle
Steve and KyleChandler, AZ

“After switching to Urban Pest Control, I have seen a drastic reduction in the number of bugs and other undesirable critters in both my house and businesses. Chad takes the time to ask about any potential problems since the last service; and will even give a free education in the differences between types of scorpions and spiders. Urban Pest Control has given me peace of mind, and nothing could be better than feeling free to walk barefoot around my house once again.” More reviews

JJAwatukee, AZ